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 AT on the Landscape of UDL

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is changing the landscape for curriculum development. Some states and local education agencies are requiring publishers to incorporate UDL into district materials. Others are requiring all materials (including teacher produced) to incorporate flexible approaches for the input, engagement, and expression of learning that can be differentiated based on the students need.

Technology is pieces of UDL however; there are many low and no-tech elements that provide scaffolds in UDL design. The aim of UDL is to reduce the necessity of retrofitting curriculum to provide access to all students. Even though the technology isn’t a requirement, there will always be the need for assistive technology to support the unique needs of some students (Maryland Department of Education, 2011). With that in mind, it is important that local education agencies understand the connection of UDL and assistive technology and how this changing landscape under UDL will affect the delivery of assistive technology to their students.