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 Special Education Services and Supports - Assistive Technology


​​​​​​​​​​Assistive Technology is to improve student achievement, productivity, independence, and inclusion by increasing student access to assistive technology devices and services and enhancing educator knowledge of assistive technology.​​

NEW Videos:​​​ 

VIDEO - Speech to Text (3 minutes and 46 seconds)


VIDEO - Text to Speech (4minutes and 33 seconds)


VIDEO - Graphic O​rganizers​ (2 minutes and​ 53 seconds)


Captions (6 minutes and​ 24 seconds)​​


Visual Supports​ (3 minutes and​ 26 seconds)​​​


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 General Information

Wina Low
Program Manager Senior


Paula Gumpman
Program Specialist

Phone: (678) 340-8118

Main Phone: (404) 656-3963

FAX: (404) 651-6457


Special Education
Questions & Support
Help Desk: (404) 657-9968


2021 - 2022 PL Assistive Technology and AEM updated.pdf

2021 - 2022 PL SigCogDis.pdf

AEM AT one pager updated July 2021.pdf

Scribe Usage Feb 2021.pdf

​​​​Speech Recognition as AT for Writing_ A Guide for K12 Education.pdf ​​​(posted with permission from the author)

AT Assessments.pdf

AT to Consider for Transition.pdf

Assistive Technology and Tools for LIFE.pdf​

508 Compliance and Accessibility PDF.pdf

MS word Document Accessibility.pdf

PowerPoint Accessibility.pdf

​​AT Chrome Extensions.pdf

AT for Low Incidence.pdf

AT Research and Resources​

Office 365 and Computer Tools Mac One Note.pdf​

Assistive Technology and Transition NTACT 2016.pdf​​​​

​Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology​


QIAT 1 - Consideration Indicators.pdf

QIAT 2 - Assessment of AT needs Indicators.pdf

QIAT 3 - AT in the IEP Indicators.pdf

QIAT 4 - AT Implementation Indicators.pdf

QIAT 5 - Evaluation of Effectiveness of AT Indicators.pdf

QIAT 6 - AT Transition Indicators.pdf​

QIAT 7 - Admin Support Indicators.pdf

QIAT 8 - AT Training and PD Indicators.pdf​


QIAT - 1 Consideration of AT needs - Matrix.pdf

QIAT - 2 Assessment of AT needs - Matrix.pdf

QIAT - 3 AT in the IEP- Matrix.pdf

QIAT - 4 AT Implementation - Matrix.pdf

QIAT - 5 Evaluation of Effectiveness of AT - Matrix.pdf

QIAT - 6 AT in Transition - Matrix.pdf

QIAT - 7 Administrative Support for AT - Matrix.pdf

QIAT - 8 AT Professional Development - Matrix.pdf