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 Assistive Technology Partnership TOOLS for LIFE, Texthelp

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Assistive Technology (AT) Services, Software, Training and Lending Library Program with Tools for Life, Georgia's Technology Act Center​

The Division for Special Education Services and Supports wants to build capacity and have a sustainable impact on Assistive Technology Services for grades K-12 throughout Georgia.

​1. Consultative Services

The purpose of this partnership is to support district personnel in building their capacity to support students with assistive technology needs.

What it IS:  
1. Consultation services by Tools for Life staff via teleconsulting and/or email.
2. Discussion based on information provided by district contact.
3. Coaching support for staff on the implementation of evidence-based practices for assistive technology.

What it is NOT:
1. Direct student intervention.
2. Assistive technology evaluations.
3. Onsite consultations or evaluations.
4. Supplier of assistive technology devices beyond short term loans.​

 2. AT/UDL Software Pilot Program (Reading, Writing, Math, Study Skills)

Read&Write - Read&Write lets every student read, write, and express themselves more confidently. Read&Write offers support with everyday tasks including reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments, writing, and proofing written work. Read&Write works with the following platforms: Chrome, Edge, Windows, Mac OS, IPad, and Android.  
EquatIO - EquatIO lets everyone create mathematical equations, formulas, Demos graphs, and more on their computer or Chromebook. Teachers or students can type, handwrite, or dictate any expression, with no tricky coding or math languages to master. There is a huge library of ready-made expressions to save time, from simple formulas to complex functions. EquatIO works with the following platforms: Chrome, Windows, Mac OS, and Web App. 
WriQ - WriQ is a writing achievement tool used to easily assess and motivate student writing while providing automated meaningful feedback and delivering a standardized benchmark for grading. It's faster, more accurate, and consistent than traditional manual and subjective grading – giving students, parents, and teachers clear visibility of writing progress over time against peers and standardized norms. WriQ works with the following platform: Chrome.  
Software requests should be made for district-wide licenses/seats (not schools or classrooms). Please consider which students on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) could benefit and submit one request for licenses/seats for the  entire district.

​ 3. Assistive Technology Lending Library

What it IS:   
1. To assist in AT decision-making; make an informed purchasing decision.
2. To collect data substantiating the device meets the student's needs.
3. Try a device in a real-life environment.
4. To serve as a loaner while the student is waiting for a repair or ordered the device to be delivered.
5. To provide accommodation on a short-term basis to support professional development.
What it is NOT: 
1. Long-term or open-ended loans.
2. Equipment for purchase.

 ​4. EdTrade

Georgia districts will be able to post their assistive technology needs or available assistive technology for loan/exchange. 
Participating districts can decide whether they want to lend or repurpose their unused assistive technology to a local Georgia district as a cost-saving measure through a written. 
Responsibility would rest with the participating Local Education Agency (LEA) to develop local policies and procedures to address asset sharing and inventory controls.

 General Information

Wina Low - Program Manager Senior

​Paula Gumpman - Program Specialist


Special Education Questions & Support 

Help Desk: (404) 657-9968

AT Partnership MAP Dec 2021.pdf​​​

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