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 Writing and Spelling

Adapted writing aids may be beneficial for students who have difficulty securing and maintaining a steady grasp on a standard pen or pencil. Some students may need positioning aids that enable them to maintain the appropriate posture for writing. There are many other aids that can impact students’ ability to produce written assignments. A range of assistive technology tools are available to assist students with both handwriting tasks as well as written composition. Please see the topics listed to the side for additional information about adapted writing aids.

  • Positioning Aids
  • Contrast Aids
  • Adapted Writing Utensils
  • Adapted Paper and Writing Guides
  • Personal Vocabulary and Spelling Dictionaries
  • Recorders
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Printed Graphic Organizers
  • Portable Word Processors
  • Concept Webbing Applications
  • Standard Word Processing Software
  • Graphic Word Processing Software
  • Talking Word Processing Software
  • Word Prediction Software
  • Advanced Reading and Writing Aid Software
  • Voice Recognition